NiLCO2 is a business fully owned by the Australian company AMR Homeport Pty Ltd established since 1983.

NilCO2 has commenced installing its new groundbreaking K140 Prius-eV+ conversions, simply put, its a game changer! A world-first!

Designed and manufactured in Australia, K140 offers Prius owners the opportunity to reach the highest EV/Eco mode speed (>100kph), and the longest all-EV mode range (>100km), of any Prius plug-in conversion available anywhere.

And K140 is still home solar or night rate rechargeable from a standard 10A power outlet.

Initially available for G2 Prius, G3 versions are expected to follow mid 2012.

Our first five K140 Prius-eV+ owners who log <0.2 litres/100km, for a distance >80km, at an average speed >80kph, win a free Android
e-Dash to match their K140 conversion, (conditions apply).

Based on a 7" Android tablet PC, Prius e-Dash provides extensive PHV battery instrumentation and touch screen mode select control.

Figure to beat is an already amazing 0.3 litres/100km, with regular charging that equates to >13,000km from a tank or on average one service station visit each year!!!